Wednesday, November 18, 2009

IFSP/Speech Evaluation

Yesterday we had Anna's 6-month IFSP. I dread the IFSP meetings because it is easy to get caught up in the things that Anna isn't doing yet, instead of celebrating how much she has accomplished since our last meeting...which is a lot! (babbling, finger-feeding, crawling, drinking from a cup, signing, sitting up, and waving to name a few)

The meeting went well, and as expected. The main outcome is that we decided to keep therapy levels the same; PT and Special Ed once a week and OT every other week. We also decided to have a speech evaluation to determine if we should start speech therapy as well. (More on that below)

Some specific goals that we set for Anna for the next 6 months include: crawling on hands and knees (she army crawls now), pulling to standing and cruising, increased verbal sounds to include 'p', 'c', 'g' sounds, learning body parts, increased use of sign language to communicate, and learning to nest/stack blocks or cups.

Anna's PT also recommended orthotics for Anna. Anna's ankles are very loose and floppy, so when she stands, she tends to bend them inward, which throws her hips backward and her belly forward --- an all-round awkward standing position. The PT said the orthotics should help align Anna better, which would in turn, help her stand and walk properly. I will have to do some more research on this matter and talk to her pedi before moving forward. (I guess I shouldn't be complaining about the expensive shoes anymore)

The speech therapist came today for Anna's evaluation. She recommends Speech Therapy every other week (the opposite week of OT). The therapist said that Anna is not quite ready for full-on speech therapy, but would benefit from some of the oral stimulation exercises, etc. So, we look to be adding ST soon.

And finally, here are a few cute pics of Anna performing a few of her new "tricks".

Pointing (a new skill that has emerged over the past couple of weeks) to her new best friend, Maggie. Anna has also recently starting signing dog (or making a gesture that we recognize as dog). Each time Maggie walks past, Anna watches her and then signs "dog". (Oh, and please excuse the HUGE wet stain down the front of her shirt...forgot to put the valve in her cup and she spilled it everywhere)

Blowing (or trying to imitate me blowing on her face). The ST was actually impressed with her effort and ability to do this.

Being Cute. Oh, wait!! She already had this mastered! =)


  1. Addy's AFOs help tremendously! I don't understand no speech yet, that's crazy!

  2. Oh she definitely has the cute mastered! Celebrate all those great accomplishments.

  3. Anna, looking good in the cheetah print. Great job on all your accomplishments.

  4. Anna, you are doing great! Keep up the good work!Emilia has her IFSP on next Tuesday.
    I can't get hung up on the "can't do's". There is so much more to our kids than these guidelines and goals show. Just look at Anna, she's learning so much!

  5. I completely understand when you talk about trying not to get hung up on the things they aren't doing. I still have a hard time with that sometimes, and then just try to focus on all of the good things. Anna's a beautiful little girl and you can tell she's working hard!