Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Solution! at least one of my problems, anyway =)

With cold weather quickly approaching, I have been wondering how I am going to keep Anna's hat on her head. Everytime I put anything on her head, she immediately rips it off (Halloween costume). It gets cold here in NJ, and Anna definitely needs something on her little head to help keep her warm and from getting sick!

Anyway - I think I may have the solution...a coat with sleeves that are too long! (BTW - the coat fits her otherwise - the sleeves are just too long)

How is this a solution? Well, since her sleeves are too long, her little fingers are not free to grab her hat. Thus, the hat stays on the head!

A bonus, is that I do not need to worry about mittens because her hands are tucked nicely inside her coat sleeve.

No problems keeping Paige's hat on! She has been a hat girl since the get-go. Perhaps because she is so cute in them! =)


  1. Too cute, we love that solution.

  2. My girls are TOOOOOOO cute!!!

  3. LOVE their hats and coats. Looks like the perfect solution :-)

  4. Great idea! Such a cutie too!

  5. Very creative!!! She looks so pretty in her hat!

  6. super smart! finally an advantage to Pudge's 6 inch arms!!!