Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Concert

Today was Charlie's Winter Concert at school. After weeks of 'practicing' at home, it was finally time for the big stage!

All the kids were adorable (of course!).

Here are a few quick videos of the show. Pardon the grainy film quality and the jerky movements...I did the best I could while also trying to control Paige and Anna. BTW - Charlie is in the back row, third from left, in a red sweater. Or, you could just look for the cutest boy up there =)

Really poor quality on this one - but I had to post because the singing was too funny =)

Paige enjoyed singing along to this song! =)

And a few pics!


  1. I was just checking out your blog and my Ella came up and kept saying Ella every time she saw a picture of Anna (and Ella definetly knows herself and NEVER calls another baby Ella!) Well, I have always said that the other Ella Grace looks a lot like my Ella Grace and as apparent by the picture of their little adventure Anna and the other Ella Grace look a lot alike!!! So, I guess all 3 girls look a like : ) Whew, hope that made since.

  2. great photos you have a precious family.