Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Scratch That

...my last post that is. Sweet little Anna Banana is still not feeling well.

Though she is no longer barking and honking from the croup, Anna still hasn't fully recovered. All weekend she was quite irritable and just kind of blah, but no other blatant symptoms.

Then, last night, she spiked a high fever, so I called to make her an appointment first thing this morning.

It turns out that Anna now has pneumonia. Apparently the steroids she was on until Sunday helped mask some of the symptoms, otherwise we probably would have known sooner.

So we start our regimine of antibiotics and pray they do the trick. Doctor wants to see her again, and probably have a chest x-ray, if she is not showing marked signs of improvement by Thursday or Friday.

Nothing like January medical bills!

Friday, January 22, 2010

On the Mend...


Thank you all for the prayers and concern for Anna.
After a really rough night on Tuesday night and an even worse day on Wednesday, Anna is doing much, much better.

Wednesday she was just pathetic. She had a fever that would not break and she would just lie there and look at us. When I took her to the Dr., they checked her stats and her Oxygen sat. levels were only topping out at around 80. So, the pedi sent us to the hospital for treatment and observations.

Fortunately, Anna finally responded to the meds and they were able to release us to go home late that night. We came home with an inhaler and a script for steroids (she will be buff and tuff in no time!)

She is now on the mend. Still coughing and still a lot of slime from her nose - but a completely different baby than on Wednesday!

Now I just have to keep her from getting the strep throat that her Daddy has!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Q: What looks like an angel, barks like a dog and honks like goose?

A: Sweet little Anna pants with croup =(

It was inevitable that Anna's cold would turn into something worse. It was really just a matter of when and how bad.

Last night was not too bad. Anna was able to get comfortable enough to sleep most of the night, It was a noisy sleep full of barking coughs and wheezing, but sleep nonetheless. I only had to go in once to calm her down so she could relax enough to sleep again.

Tonight (it is 3:30 am here) is not so good. Her barking and wheezing started early and could only be calmed by a quick stroll outside in the frosty January air followed by a steamy bathroom to warm us back up. She would then fall asleep in my arms. All attempts to lay her down were soon disrupted by another bout of coughing and wheezing. At one point I thought I might have to go ahead and take her in to the hospital, but as long as she calms down when I hold her, I will forgo that as long as possible

As I have been holding my sweet girl so she can get some rest, I started getting hot. That is when I realized that someone turned the heat up on Anna 3 or 4 degrees. She is currently sporting a 102 fever, but she is resting so nicely in my arms that don't I want to wake her to give her some meds.

So...it has been a long night, and it is not over yet. Hopefully I will be able to lay Anna down soon so I can get some rest also. I am a big cranky pants when I am short on sleep.

Looking forward to tomorrow's sun!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

We've Been Slimed!

Fifteen boxes of tissues later, and Anna's nose is still a big slimy mess.

Since Wednesday, the poor little girl's nose has been oozing non-stop. Needless to say, the skin underneath her nose and on her upper lip are getting pretty raw.

It doesn't help when this is what she looks like when we get her up in the morning...(and this was the day that I could find her nose)

Sweet thing. She has been in good spirits, despite her sliminess. She has even been up to practing standing (ok, leaning...but still on her feet).

The good news is that it has remained just a slimy, messy cold. Also, her eyes look great! Prior to her tear duct probing, her eyes would have been just as icky as her nose.

So, we continue to battle the nose slime, but otherwise are doing great!

Oh, and BTW...Paige is feeling much better and back to her usual cazy self =)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Finally Asleep

Poor little Anna has a nasty cold that has her completely congested. That makes going to sleep difficult. Anna likes to 'nuzzle' her left sleeve when she is going to sleep, but when she can't breathe out of her nose, she isn't able to soothe herself. Then she starts crying, which only makes the stuffy nose worse.

I went to the store and bought a new cool mist humidifier for her room. I am praying that her cold stops at just that...a cold, and doesn't progress to something more. An ear infection, maybe...but looking to stay away from the croup this year. So far, we have been very healthy this winter and we praise God for that!

Paige is also sick. She has been running a fever and complaining of a headache and sore throat since yesterday. I let her sleep with me last night which she loved. I did too -- she was nice and toasty on a cold night =)

Praying my girls get a good night's sleep and are feeling better in the morning!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Albert Pujols

Albert Pujols is a truly inspiring individual...as a baseball player, as a Christian, and as a father of a child with Down syndrome.

Orthotics Fitting

We took Anna to get fitted for her orthotics last week. As usual, Anna was a trooper and very cooperative about being man-handled, poked, prodded, twisted, stretched, etc.

They said it would take 2-3 weeks to get them made. I can't wait to get them on her! She has been doing a lot of kneeling recently, and has actually gotten up on to her a feet a couple of times! Anna's Physical Therapist thinks the orthotics will really help her with standing.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2009 - A Year in Review

Happy New Year!

I don't do an annual letter that I send out with our Christmas card like a lot of people do. Mainly because, 1) I don't have the time, and 2) I am pretty sure that nobody is that interested anyway.

So, in lieu of the holiday letter, here is a very long blog that I spent way too much time on, to recap our 2009. I promise I will not be offended if you do not make it past March. =)

JANUARY: Enjoying some fun in the snow (what else do you do in January?!)

FEBRUARY: Charlie turns 5, and Anna masters sitting. Anna had a brief hospital stay due to croup.

MARCH: I started blogging! More fun in the snow, and then a vacation to Arizona to thaw out. Anna gets her first two teeth!

APRIL: Anna turns 1!! (Enjoy her video) Jonathan turns 25, again. Paige gets her hair cut for the first time, and Anna celebrates her first Easter.

MAY: Paige turns 3, and we celebrate with a joint party for Paige, Anna and Jonathan. Brutus joins our family. Anna goes to the dentist for the first time. Anna learns to wave and babble.

JUNE: Charlie graduates pre-school. We enjoy a fun camping trip where Charlie catches his first fish. Anna learns to feed herself, and undergoes her first eye surgery. We bid farewell to Cosmo =(

JULY: The kids enjoy a new playgym (Mr. Rainbow). Anna undergoes an EEG to try to dertermine cause of her eye rolling. Anna learns to army crawl, and we are blessed by a talented photographer and the Littlest Heroes Project.

AUGUSTt: Family vacation to OOB!

SEPTEMBER: Charlie starts Kindergarten and Paige starts pre-school. Brutus leaves us and Mater moves in. Charlie starts soccer.

OCTOBER: Anna learns to get into sitting on her own. Charlie is named Student of the Month. We have lots of fun on Halloween, and we are blessed by the support from our family and friends at the Buddy Walk.

NOVEMBER: "The Crazy Month" is what I have named November 2009. My parents (Grandma and Grandpa) came to visit and helped us with a home improvement project. They also helped the kids build cars for the Pinewood Derby. Then my sister came and they all stayed through Thanksgiving. We hosted Thanksgiving for 13 adults and 5 children...good fun! Oh, yeah. I turned 35 -- officially of "advanced maternal age".

DECEMBER: "The Other Crazy Month". Anna gets her hair cut for the first time. We enjoy many Christmas parties and celebrations, including Charlie's concert at school. Anna has eye surgery again.

2009 was a pretty good year for us. We praise the Lord for his many blessings.

Best Wishes to you for a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!!

We rang in the New Year with Jonathan's family. Games, food, and a few good laughs as we reminisced about some of 2009's past follies.

The kids celebrated the "Forgotten New Year", or the hour that nobody celebrates because that time zone lies in the middle of the Atlantic.

Dig their cool glasses (Anna did not dig them!)

And a New Year's toast...sparkling cider! =)

Then we put them promptly to bed =)

The adults (most of us, anyway) stayed up to watch the Ball drop in Times Square. I have to say...Midnight is way overrated! Next year I am celebrating the Forgotten New Year with the kids and going to bed at a decent time. Yes...that is my resolution for 2010 =)