Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!!

We rang in the New Year with Jonathan's family. Games, food, and a few good laughs as we reminisced about some of 2009's past follies.

The kids celebrated the "Forgotten New Year", or the hour that nobody celebrates because that time zone lies in the middle of the Atlantic.

Dig their cool glasses (Anna did not dig them!)

And a New Year's toast...sparkling cider! =)

Then we put them promptly to bed =)

The adults (most of us, anyway) stayed up to watch the Ball drop in Times Square. I have to say...Midnight is way overrated! Next year I am celebrating the Forgotten New Year with the kids and going to bed at a decent time. Yes...that is my resolution for 2010 =)

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  1. Love the forgotten new year! Midnight is definitely overrated, especially when the kids are up at their normal early hours!
    Happy New Year!