Friday, January 22, 2010

On the Mend...


Thank you all for the prayers and concern for Anna.
After a really rough night on Tuesday night and an even worse day on Wednesday, Anna is doing much, much better.

Wednesday she was just pathetic. She had a fever that would not break and she would just lie there and look at us. When I took her to the Dr., they checked her stats and her Oxygen sat. levels were only topping out at around 80. So, the pedi sent us to the hospital for treatment and observations.

Fortunately, Anna finally responded to the meds and they were able to release us to go home late that night. We came home with an inhaler and a script for steroids (she will be buff and tuff in no time!)

She is now on the mend. Still coughing and still a lot of slime from her nose - but a completely different baby than on Wednesday!

Now I just have to keep her from getting the strep throat that her Daddy has!!

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  1. So glad Anna is doing better and thankful she didn't have to stay in the hospital. Sorry to hear about daddy having strep. Hopefully he is getting better too and nobody else comes down with anything. Prayers for healing and rest for you all.