Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Orthotics Fitting

We took Anna to get fitted for her orthotics last week. As usual, Anna was a trooper and very cooperative about being man-handled, poked, prodded, twisted, stretched, etc.

They said it would take 2-3 weeks to get them made. I can't wait to get them on her! She has been doing a lot of kneeling recently, and has actually gotten up on to her a feet a couple of times! Anna's Physical Therapist thinks the orthotics will really help her with standing.


  1. What a trooper you are Anna! Can't wait to see you up and cruising around!

  2. That is pretty neat. We never needed them for Mattie but we have a friend whose child has Beal's syndrome. His are longer up to his knees but wow do they work! She'll be running around and you'll be chasing her in no time!

  3. How wonderful!

    I hope Anna truly benefits from her orthotics. She'll be up and running around in no time at all!