Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Q: What looks like an angel, barks like a dog and honks like goose?

A: Sweet little Anna pants with croup =(

It was inevitable that Anna's cold would turn into something worse. It was really just a matter of when and how bad.

Last night was not too bad. Anna was able to get comfortable enough to sleep most of the night, It was a noisy sleep full of barking coughs and wheezing, but sleep nonetheless. I only had to go in once to calm her down so she could relax enough to sleep again.

Tonight (it is 3:30 am here) is not so good. Her barking and wheezing started early and could only be calmed by a quick stroll outside in the frosty January air followed by a steamy bathroom to warm us back up. She would then fall asleep in my arms. All attempts to lay her down were soon disrupted by another bout of coughing and wheezing. At one point I thought I might have to go ahead and take her in to the hospital, but as long as she calms down when I hold her, I will forgo that as long as possible

As I have been holding my sweet girl so she can get some rest, I started getting hot. That is when I realized that someone turned the heat up on Anna 3 or 4 degrees. She is currently sporting a 102 fever, but she is resting so nicely in my arms that don't I want to wake her to give her some meds. has been a long night, and it is not over yet. Hopefully I will be able to lay Anna down soon so I can get some rest also. I am a big cranky pants when I am short on sleep.

Looking forward to tomorrow's sun!


  1. AWWW, so sorry! Hope Anna feels better soon so you both can get some rest. Keep us posted.

  2. So sorry that it turned into croup. YUK! Lots of prayers coming your way for Anna & you to get sleep. I agree with being cranky when I don't get enough sleep.
    Hoping today is a break through day for her.

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  4. Poor baby! I hope she gets better soon, the croup is awful!

  5. I don't know about you but I am ready to find somewhere warm and be done with this winter cold/flu season. Poor thing. Hope she feels better soon and everyone can get some rest.

  6. So sorry to hear she's not feeling well. That's hard on everyone. It seems like these colds/coughs are lasting longer with this nasty weather all over. I hope she feels better soon.