Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Scratch That

...my last post that is. Sweet little Anna Banana is still not feeling well.

Though she is no longer barking and honking from the croup, Anna still hasn't fully recovered. All weekend she was quite irritable and just kind of blah, but no other blatant symptoms.

Then, last night, she spiked a high fever, so I called to make her an appointment first thing this morning.

It turns out that Anna now has pneumonia. Apparently the steroids she was on until Sunday helped mask some of the symptoms, otherwise we probably would have known sooner.

So we start our regimine of antibiotics and pray they do the trick. Doctor wants to see her again, and probably have a chest x-ray, if she is not showing marked signs of improvement by Thursday or Friday.

Nothing like January medical bills!


  1. OH NO!!! I was thinking about her this morning wondering how she was doing. I am so sorry about the pneumonia. Aidan had that when he was 11 months old. No fun.

    Hope the antibiotics kick in quick and she is better asap.

    No kidding on the January medical bills, nothing like meeting your deductible in the first month of the year.

    Will pray for rest, peace and Anna's health to be restored.

  2. :0(...Get better l'il banana. I hope those meddies are JUST the thing to help you nip this in the bud while staying comfy AT HOME.

  3. OH, Anna that's no good.
    Saying a prayer for you sweetie! Feel better.

  4. Oh I hope she feels better soon! Poor thing!