Monday, February 8, 2010

Attack of the Pukies!!

Well, we had about 3 days of everyone feeling well...but we knew it was too good to be true.

It started about 2 am Sunday morning with Anna. She threw up her previous night's dinner for about 3 hours. Fortunately, it was quickly over. By the time she woke up on Sunday morning (about 9 am), she was back to her usual perky self.

Then, this morning about 6 am, Charlie got sick, followed a few hours later by Paige.

And now, I finally got my turn at being sick.

Pray for my poor husband who is having to deal with all of sickies. (But, Praise the Lord that he is able to work from home this week to help take care of everyone!)

I hate stomach viruses! Go away germs!

Oh -- and while I am at it...I hate winter! Go away snow!


  1. Oh NO!!!! So sorry that everybody is sick. Praying for you guys to be germ free in no time and that your hubbie doesn't get it!

  2. Oh boo....feel better everyone!

  3. That is by far the absolute worse kind of sickness. I would take the flu over the pukies any day.
    Sending prayers for a very quick recovery.