Sunday, February 21, 2010

Beach Day!

In February??

It was the first weekend in a long time when we didn't have anything planned and we were all healthy!

So, we decided to take a little road trip to the Jersey Shore (or, in Jersey-speak, "Down the Shore"). The kids were very excited when we told them we were going to the beach. Of course, they thought they would be swimming and playing in the sand. They didn't realize they would need hats and gloves =)

Our destination was Sandy Hook, NJ, which is basically the most-northern part of the Jersey Shore. You can see New York City across the water.

We tried to take in some lighthouses, but because of the ice, we were not allowed to the tops.

We did have a great time on the beach, despite no swimming. The kids had a lot of fun collecting shells...and there were thousands of them to choose from. I guess that is one perk of going to the beach in the middle of winter. =)

Twin Lighthouses in Highlands, NJ. NYC in the background (look really hard!)
Inside Twin Lighthouse museum
Twin Lighthouses (one of them) and museum
Collecting Shells at Sandy Hook

A walk on the beach at Sandy Hook
There's NYC Again!

Stay out of the water, Charlie!

Sandy Hook Lighthouse


  1. Oh what a fun day. As the ice & snow continues to fall here we can only look at your pics and wish we had spent the day at the beach. Love those fun family days!

  2. Great pictures. I never thought about walking on the beach in winter coats. That is a good idea.

  3. Sounds like a fun day!! We live right by Point Pleasant! :) Maybe one day we will get to meet you guys if you ever venture down this way again! We are going to be jumping INTO the ocean this coming weekend for the Polar Bear Plunge...YIKES.

  4. How fun!!! I hope we get a weekend where everyone feels good soon. :-) I love the Jersey shore!!