Thursday, February 11, 2010

Flat Stanely Gets Snowed In!

Flat Stanely has come to visit our house...and it looks like he will be here awhile longer because of the snow!

Most of you are probably familiar with Flat Stanley. Flat Stanely is based on a series of books about a boy, Stanley Lambchop, who is completely flat. He has all kinds of adventures, by sliding under doors and being mailed around the world. You can read about him on Wikipedia, or better yet, pick up the books and read them with your kids...they are certain to enjoy them!

Flat Stanley came to visit back in early January. We had all sorts of plans for him, but most of them have been derailed by one illness after another. We have been trying to keep Flat Stanley from getting sick, as well. I mean, seriously, how to take the temperature of someone who is completely flat?!

Flat Stanley even made it to Boston with Jonathan one week, but never saw the sites because Jonathan was too sick (strep throat) to hardly live, let alone take a flat boy out on an adventure. Flat Stanley was kind enough to do some filing in Jonathan's briefcase while he was hanging out in there, though.

So, when we heard about the big snow storm headed our way, we decided it was time for Flat Stanley to have some fun! (Flat Stanley came to us from Glendale, California, so we are not sure how much snow he has seen before.)

And, boy, did we get snow! Flat Stanley could not believe how much snow there was!

He had fun sledding with Anna.

And he built a snowman with Paige.

We are not quite ready to send Flat Stanley on, yet. We have a few more things planned. We figure, since he is here, he might like to participate in one of Anna's therapy sessions and learn more about individuals with Down syndrome. And, of course, Flat Stanley wants to go to Charlie's birthday party on Saturday!

If anyone is interested in having Flat Stanley come visit their home, just shoot me an email with your address. I am sure his adventures with you will be much more exciting!


  1. We love STANLEY!!! We get to have him over summer vacation. All kids entering grade 3 have to read the book and have Stanley hang out with you all summer. This is our summer, Bella is going into third grade.
    i love the pics of your Stanley! And your snowman is awesome, ours never look that good!

  2. I think that is the most snow Stanley has ever seen. He looks so cute sledding with Anna and the snowman is adorable:)

  3. I remember Flat Stanley... he came to visit us once years ago from TN. Looks like he is loving the snow!