Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Charlie Boy!!

Happy 6th Birthday to my sweet boy!

Charlie is such a cool kid!

He is funny and clever. He gets jokes and humor that goes over the head of a lot of kids. He is always inventing new toys or games or ways to get things done.

He is sweet and sensitive. He loves his sisters to death...especially Anna. He is very protective of them and makes sure they are included. (He is also a typical big brother -- picking on them to no end!) And, you would be blessed to hear him pray sweet and heartfelt!

He is fast and agile. Man! You should see this kid run or ride his scooter! And he is getting pretty good with his light saber moves, as well =)

He is smart and has a great memory. Not too much gets by Charlie. He is pretty quick, listens well, and will remember what you said.

He is quiet and thoughtful. Charlie, though he has plenty of friends, is definitely not a social butterfly,. He's just not a big talker - especially in a group. One of his favorite activities is just spending some time with his Pooh Bear. (You can also frequently find him playing with his Legos and Star Wars figures)

Yep -- Charlie is a pretty cool little kid! Happy Birthday, my little man!


  1. Happy Birthday Charlie. You sure do sound like a pretty cool kid. And very much loved, by your mama, who wrote this beautiful post for you!

    Any snow yet?

  2. Happy birthday Charlie. Hope it is a wonderful start to an excellent year for you.

    So wish we lived closer, I know Aidan and Charlie would be great buddies & the girls would have so much fun together.

    Hope everyone is back up to full strength and feeling great.