Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day!

The Northeast got hammered by snow today. Schools were canceled last night before the first flake even fell...with good reason!

We are all feeling better after a round of stomach virus swept through our house, and we got to enjoy a fun Snow Day!

Charlie was extra excited to have, yet another, day off from school (He missed Monday and Tuesday due to illness). He was especially excited to have his birthday be a snow day.

So, since I can't make it go away...I decided that we might as go out and enjoy the fluffy white stuff. We went out in the morning, before it got too cold and blustery in the afternoon, for some sledding and playing in the snow with the neighbor kids. Anna loved sledding with Mommy. She was even giggling when the snow flew up into her face.

But, really...enough is enough. We have had our fun. Now Winter, Be gone!


  1. What fun and a super great day for Charlie's birthday! WOO HOO! Hope you defrost soon.

  2. OH I'm so jealous!!! That's our snow!!!! Our state closed everything the night before too, but nothing happened! Maybe a couple of inches overnight. A complete wash out.
    Glad you guys had fun!!