Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hitting the Slopes

Yesterday we had a fun family day on the ski slopes!

We've been thinking about going skiing with the kids for a while now. I grew up skiing and Jonathan, and I used to ski all the time, before kids. Plus, we want the kids to learn how to ski while they are young and fearless.

So, yesterday we decided to let Charlie play hooky from school so he could participate in a different type of school...Ski School!

Charlie and Paige did awesome for their first time on skis! Below is a little video my hubby put together to capture the day. (Note: quality not so great because I foolishly left the memory card to our real camera in the printer at home, so all video and pics are from Jonathan's iPhone.)

And, what did we do with Anna while we were skiing? She had a super fun day at the ski lodge nursery! Seriously, can you beat $4/hour to watch, feed, play with and care for your child? And she loved it! We checked in on her periodically and she was a having a lot of fun. They fed her lunch, and then she took a nice long nap.

A good time was had by all! Now I almost wish that winter wasn't ending so soon....Nah!


  1. What a blast! I loved Paige's cute little skies and wow that Charlie is a pro already. So glad the whole family was able to get out and enjoy the day.

  2. So glad you went skiing. My Dad used to pull us out of School on Mondays during the winter and take us skiing. It is some of my fondest memories!!! Your kids will remember this forever.

  3. Hey Lori, just messaging you back here about Addy's belly. No one really was concerned about her belly except her nutritionist and her head home health nurse. Addy has a very high tolerance for pain so I have no idea if it bothers her but I can't imagine that it doesn't. She has had so many bowel surgeries that I'm not sure if that has something to do with it or not but she is definitely distended. We say she looks like an Ethiopian orphan, skinny legs with a huge belly!