Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Is in the Air!

We have been enjoying some beautiful weather this week. Yesterday afternoon, I shirked all my other household duties in order to get the kids outside.

While I cleaned out the car (which was a complete mess from winter salt and grime), Anna had a ball playing in the pack-n-play in the front yard.

Paige enjoyed an outside picnic.

And Charlie read to the girls in the great outdoors.

Then we headed down the street to a friend's house where the girls had a nice "Spring Swing".

Yep...Spring is in the Air!!! Inhale deeply!


  1. Pictures of Anna...yay!! Sadly living here in CA we don't appreciate Spring the way the rest of the country does and it kind of makes me sad. Guess I have to live it through you guys.

  2. Oh looks like so much fun. Love the pic of Charlie reading to his sisters. Sweet!!!

  3. Oh, I love spring time. Looks like the kids had a great time. Good for you for setting things aside and enjoying the spring air with the kids. Love the cute pictures.

  4. Oh, here too Finally!!!!
    Love the pic of Charlie reading and Anna leaning over the pack n play.