Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Training

This spring, instead of soccer, we signed Charlie up for t-ball. This will be Charlie's first time playing t-ball, so it should be fun.

This past weekend we went and picked out a mitt and a ball. Charlie could not wait to get home and play catch with his daddy. =)

So, Let Spring Training 2010 Begin!!

We told him the key to baseball is to keep your eye on the ball.

And to quote my dad, who was my softball coach for many years, "It hurts just as much with you eyes shut."

Anna enjoyed the view from the cheap seats. =)

Look for more posts about t-ball once the weather gets warmer!


  1. Go get 'em Charlie! We look forward to seeing your homeruns!

  2. Too cute!! We just signed Andrew up too! We'll have to compare notes.LOL

  3. Good luck Charlie!! Looking forward to those posts!! I am loving Anna's pink glove!! Don't work Charlie too hard, Anna! Go easy on

  4. Way to go Charlie. How fun playing ball with Dad. I look forward to more great pictures of him playing ball. And by the way, the cheap seats are the best!!!!