Friday, April 16, 2010

A Few More Birthday Pics

A few...ha! ha! I love digital cameras. Just keep clicking...Just keep clicking =)

We didn't do anything really special for Anna's birthday. After Charlie got home from school, we went to the park since it was such a nice day.

Then, after dinner, we ate happy birthday cupcakes which Paige had helped me make earlier in the day. Anna, definitely has a sweet tooth! =)


  1. Looks like a GREAT 2nd birthday. What could be more special than family and cupcakes?
    The cupcake pics made me giggle.
    You are so cute Banana Pants, glad you had a beautiful day to celebrate a beautiful girl!

  2. Your birthday cupcakes look about as formal as mine did for Ella.....put on a paper plate!!!! I figured this is the one year that I could get away without any big ordeal for her birthday party. I so love that outfit you have Anna in for her birthday!!

  3. Love the cupcake pictures! She definitely looks like she is enjoying them, which she certainly deserves to do! Happy Birthday again pretty girl! :)

  4. AWW, your kids are so beautiful! Great pics.
    I can't believe how big Miss Anna looks!
    I guess that happens when you're two.

  5. Happy Birthday Anna! You looks so cute in your birthday outfit! Welcome to the Two club!

  6. happy belated birthday miss anna! you are so cute, i love your little outfit!!

  7. What an adorable little doll she is! I just found your blog through Class of 2008. I'll be back again!