Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Chair

"Well, excuse me, but I think you've got my chair."
The Chair, by George Strait (yes, I am country girl!)

Anna got a chair for her birthday.

And so did Paige.

Charlie is now wondering why he didn't get a chair for his birthday. We told him it was because he did not ask for one like the girls did. He asked for Star Wars toys.

(6-yr. old)Charlie's response: "I didn't know it was an option!"

So, Charlie, being the clever and resourceful boy that he is, came up with this solution. =)


  1. That is pretty creative. He is taking matters into his own hands!

  2. oh my goodness! That's so stinkin' cute!!!!

    I love the chairs, they're beautiful. Just like a Princess throne!!! Come to my blog and grab Anna's crown!!

  3. That is very inventive Charlie (poor guy!) I guess he needs a manly recliner with his name on it. LOL

  4. Are those Pottery Barn chairs?? I wanted to get one for Lily for her birthday, but never got around to it. Love cute. And Charlie's chair...very inventive!

  5. I love Charlie's chair! So funny!

  6. That is SOOOO funny!!! We have Pottery Barn U-chairs, and the kids LOVE them!!

    Very very cute!

  7. that is too funny, smart lil guy!

  8. That is hilarious!!!! I will have to remember that one.