Monday, May 24, 2010


We have been enjoying some beautiful weather, and therefore I am outside and not on the computer as much. Anna has been enjoying playing in the yard. Now that she can crawl properly instead of on her belly, crawling around the yard is a little easier (on her belly, and on my laundry!). Here she is enjoying the sunshine and the grass =)

Anyway, last Friday we had Anna's IFSP. For those who don't know -- that is the meeting where we meet w/ all of Anna's therapists and her service coordinator to set goals for the next year and plan out how we hope to achieve those goals.

As far as IFSP's go, this was fairly painless. We really have a great team of therapists who are working hard to help Anna reach her full potential. There wasn't as much talk this time about Anna's developmental age (unlike last year), which can really hit you hard if you are not prepared for it. Instead the focus was on what Anna has accomplished and what we think she should be able to do in the next year. We also talked a little bit about her transition to pre-school (gulp! I am not ready to think about that yet!).

For now, we are going to stick with our current therapy schedule...Developemental Intervention (DI) 1X/week, Physical Therapy (PT) 1X/week, Speech Therapy (ST) 2X/month, and Occupational Therapy (OT) 2X/month.

Actually, that is our plan, but we currently do not have a PT. Anna' PT moved to Alaska =(. We miss you, Miss Catherine!

So, for now, Miss J, Anna's OT, will be coming weekly and working on PT stuff. This is only temporary, until the agency that provides the services hires another PT, or we request that our service coordinator look to another agency. We are fine for now, but if it is a prolonged situation, then we will want to make a move because Anna really needs PT.

One of the new things that her therapists suggested as something to try is Listening Therapy. Anyone heard of it or tried it? My understanding is that it is basically a set of CD's that you play for your child (older children would use headphones), and it is supposed to help train their ears to listen and be more attentive. Since Anna is really not making any strides in her speech, we figured it is worth a try.

Also, we still need to get Anna's hearing evaluated. I have been putting it off because she has been so congested since January, but her ST thinks it is always a good idea to rule out hearing as an issue. I mean, we know she hears, but is she hearing all the sounds and pitches that she needs to be able to help her develop her speech? We shall see!

So, look for lots of posts soon about Anna's new skills and accomplishments! =)
Updated: Yes! We love Baby Signing Time too! In fact, Anna has picked up many signs and uses them regularly and appropriately. We are just concerned because she is making no effort to make any sounds for the words that she regularly signs. We are hoping that it is because she is focusing on her gross motor skills right now...but we want to do what we can to encourage both.


  1. She is doing awesome! Can't wait for more posts about her accomplishments. Glad you are having great weather!

  2. We just had our IFSP meeting with Colin on Friday!

    It's been so much fun following Anna and she is doing so many great things!

  3. Chloe just had her IFSP meeting last TUesday! It wasn't her annual, but we're moving so they wanted to do a big one to prepare for the transition. I'm glad this IFSP was a positive one and didn't focus so much on her developmental age! It's important to focus on what they ARE doing! :) Go ANNA! Good luck with the hearing test. Chloe just had one of thoese too. IT's important to know if she has 1) fluid in her ears and 2) if that fluid is affecting her hearing. Keep us posted!

  4. Two things, well, three.
    1) She is so cute!
    2) Every time a therapist tries to tell me where Nichole is at compared to typical peers I say, "I don't want to know, she is not typical and I don't care how other kids are doing, I only care about Nichole. Just tell me what she is doing well and what we need to work on." I say it nicely, and it makes everyone look at her abilities and areas where she needs to improve. Her limitations all of a sudden become possibilities :)
    3) Speech, oh speech...have you tried any of the Signing Time! Videos? If not, I suggest doing this before listening therapy. Nichole has learned hundreds of signs from this as well as many many words. She loves the music and she adores Rachel Coleman.

  5. I've never heard of listening therapy. Sounds interesting. I'm not to excited about Miss Em's speech. But, I know Emmie was putting all her efforts into walking so talking definitely took a back seat. I am seeing a difference in her receptive language and she is beginning to say hi, up and down. Walking and talking are both too major to accomplish at the same time.

    Maybe now that Anna has her crawling mastered her speech will pick up. That is unless she decides to go straight in to walking! LOL

    if you do the LT let us know how it is. And signing time videos are great!

  6. We just had Mattie's goals updated too. She has only been receiving speech therapy once a week. We are continuing that and adding one day a week of OT. It is amazing how you manage all those therapies! That is awesome that Anna gets all that help. Mattie is only saying hi, bye, and da-da clearly. Everything else is mostly just beginning sounds. We are using signs and the picture system for communication. Anna is doing great!