Friday, May 28, 2010

I'm Leaving On a Jet Plane...

By the time this posts (don't you just love scheduled posts!), I should be somewhere over Western Jersey or Eastern PA. Most likely I will still be stuck on the runway at Newark, but at least I will be alone!

Not that I don't love my husband and children...we just all need a break sometimes.

Where am I going? I am headed to Boulder, CO to meet up with some of my good friends that I went to college with (Rock Chalk, Jayhawk!). We have a relaxing weekend planned, and then we are all running in the Bolder Boulder 10K Race on Memorial Day.

It will be low-key, and a great chance for me to recharge. And, I am really looking forward to catching up with my friends. It has been almost 3 years since I have seen any of them (they all either live in Denver, KC, Florida, or Chicago)...and A LOT has happened since then!

Pic from last time I saw everyone at a friend's wedding

Soooo, I hope everyone enjoys their Memorial Day Weekend! I check back into reality late Monday night.


  1. I'm not jealous really!!!
    have a great trip!!

  2. That sounds absolutely wonderful~Hope you have a great time!

  3. Holy canoli! If you want, and if you have a few spare minutes (ya know, between running a marathon and all), drop me an email at We'd love to meet you guys! You're not too far from us!!! Hope you have a great trip- the weather should serve you well this weekend!

  4. Sounded like a great trip until you said Rock Chalk...oh dear Lori I didn't know...I am a Mizzou Tiger!
    Hope you have a blast with your friends and the family has a great time too!

  5. Have fun! Enjoy! And to make you feel even better, I am jealous! ;)

  6. We wear purple at our house, Lori...but still wishing you the best weekend!

  7. Don't go away anymore... we missed you :)