Monday, May 17, 2010

It's My Party...

Paige certainly knows how to celebrate a birthday.

I often worry about Paige getting lost in the mix. She is the middle child and her birthday falls right in the middle "Birthday Madness" around here, and just before Mother's Day.

But, this year...Paige got it right. She had a birthday celebration that lasted for a couple of weeks.

On the Saturday before her birthday, we went to the Spring Carnival in town.

On the day of her actual birthday, she took a special treat into school, and then after school, she went to lunch with some of her friends.

And Saturday, Paige celebrated with her cousin, Eliza (who will be 5 on Tuesday!). The girls got pedicures, and then had a fun dinner at Dave & Busters.

Hope you had a Fabulous Fourth Birthday, Paige! =)


  1. Now that girl knows how to get all the fun out of a birthday! Looks like such fun.

  2. OH, we don't see enough of Paige. What a darling!!! I don't think I've ever called any one a 'darling" but that word just suites her!

    Love the toes!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Paige!