Sunday, June 13, 2010

Let the Summer Begin!

Paige's last day of school was Thursday. (Charlie still has another week).

She and her classmates celebrated with a picnic in the park.

And then, on Friday, we went to a local farm for a Strawberry Shortcake Party. They did a little craft, read a story, picked strawberries and ate strawberry shortcake!

Ahhh...the fun of summer begins!


  1. Yeah for summer at your house! Come join us at the pool we have been having a great time! =)

  2. What cutie pies!! Fresh strawberries...yum!

  3. My goodness you sure do make cute kids. I have always been enamored by Anna but today I realized what a cutie Paige is. I love how she and her friend are wearing the same cute!! Enjoy your summer!!