Thursday, June 10, 2010

More Tee Ball

Charlie had his first t-ball "game" last Saturday. A couple of the teams decided to take a break from the normal routine of practice and clinic, and decided to have a little scrimmage so the kids could feel like they were playing a real game.

Here are a few pics and will notice that Charlie has his fingers in his mouth. That would be because he has his first loose tooth. Expect a post anyday about a new hole in his mouth. =)

The first inning they hit off the tee.

The second inning, the coach pitched to them.

It was a close game. I think the team with the most players won =)


  1. So cute, can't wait to see that first lost tooth post, we anticipated that all summer last year.

  2. Nice Charlie!!! also waiting for the toothless grin!!!