Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Have Hidden Your Word in My Heart...

This week is VBS at our church. My kids love VBS!!

Our theme this year is the SonQuest Rainforest. We always look forward to VBS, if not only for the new CD of songs that we get to listen to over, and over, and over again.

This is the first year that Paige is old enough to go to VBS. She has been waiting for this day since she was old enough to say, "Me too!!", and she is having a grand ol' time. I feel a bit sorry for her group leader having to deal with Paige's spunkiness all day, but she also must be a lot of fun. Yesterday, they were doing a lesson where Pastor John dressed up as John the Baptist. Paige was quick to call him out and let everyone know that he was really Pastor John, and she knew because she recognized his voice =)

Charlie loves the songs and dances. I get the biggest kick out of watching him do them because he really gets into it.

When we got home, I managed to get Charlie and Paige to show me a couple of the songs they are learning. Like I said...Charlie really gets into it!

Oh,'d better believe I am breaking out this video for his girlfriend in the future =)

I also like how Paige makes up her own words if she is not quite sure of them...she was pretty close, though! Reminds me of this little gem from last year...

And, this year I am helping out (as much as I can...I still have Anna to care for) with refreshments. Yep - I get the cozy job under the tent. =)
Anna finding some was HOT!

Charlie enjoying his snack

Today, Pastor John took Anna for me while I was helping. I pretty much didn't see her all morning, but she looked like she was having a great time. She even got to ride down the water slide!

Paige also loved the water slide.

My kids love VBS, and so do I! I love it that they get a fun-filled week where they learn about Jesus and the Bible and get to strengthen their faith.

I am going to miss VBS tomorrow because I have to take Anna back to the ENT to check the fluid in her ears. Please pray that she is all clear and that the "tubes" is not even mentioned!


  1. How fun all of that looks. I love the video, watch out future girlfriend!!!

  2. Warn your kids that soon they will be squeezed by a strange woman who is absolutely in love with them!

  3. We are doing VBS at our church this week too and loving it (Joseph's Journey). Charlie is awesome, he will hate those videos when he starts dating.
    Praying for a great ENT appt for Anna.

  4. All I can see is me at a much younger age...doing the exact same thing. doesn't fall far from the tree. Nice work kiddos.

  5. We're doing the same VBS curriculum at our church this week, too! I love it! Looks like yours are having as much fun as mine!

  6. We love VBS too!! This year Caleb was doing the Group VBS curriculum. He just loved it. I love how much he learns about God and the new songs he learns. Loved those videos! What a great experience.