Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lucky Us!

Yesterday we were blessed to get to meet the Donovan family (Our Unexpected Journey).

When Adrienne and I realized how close we lived to one another, I couldn't wait to invite them over! It started off as a wet, rainy day, and looked to spoil our plans of a backyard BBQ, but the weather turned around and it turned out to be a perfect day. And look at the cuteness that graced our back deck! =)

Here is Bennett showing off his award winning smile.

Adrienne and Bennett, and me and Anna. Now, my husband is going to complain that there isn't a picture of the dads. Sorry, babe! Next time you should insist on a photo =)

Anna enjoyed checking out Bennett...

Patting his head...

Making sure he smells okay... (actually, I think this was a misplaced kiss)

And finally, going in for the hug =)

The Bigs had fun as well. Check out the girls in their fancy dress-up clothes.

It was so much fun to meet a fellow-blogger. Yet another blessing that God has brought us through Anna!


  1. Oh what fun to meet Bennett and family.
    Love the picture of Anna hugging Bennett, too cute.

    P.S. Jason is heading your way on the 23rd for the English football games at Red Bull arena. I tried to get him to let us come along so we could take in NYC and maybe meet you guys but...the boys weekend won out! =)
    Do you have any family left around us?

  2. What fun! It's always so much fun to meet fellow bloggers!! :)

  3. Oh how much fun that must have been!

  4. How FUN!! Looks like you all had an amazing time!! The kids are so adorable and they look like they had a super fun day:) I just love when families get to meet in person. Our kiddos sure are the gifts that keep on giving.....look at the fabulous relationships we got out of this too!!

    BTW, the "misplaced kiss" pic is THE BEST!!! Miss Anna is just so beautiful:)

  5. glad you guys were able to meet. And I love the one of Anna kissing Bennett's tummy! ADORABLe!

  6. That looks like great fun! So glad you were able to meet in person!

  7. I saw Anna's picture on Adrienne's Facebook and knew it was her immediately. How sweet!!! Glad you got to meet. I love getting together with fellow FB/blogging friends...instant connection!

  8. I just started reading your blog and your Anna reminds me so much of my daughter, Zoya!! We just brought her home from Ukraine in April! Anna is too stinkin cute!!

  9. Looks like you had a great evening! Those pictures are so cute - so glad you were able to meet each other!