Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Two more days!

After a rough start yesterday, things got much better.  We had scheduled a big playdate in the park where we met lots of friends for a picnic lunch.  This seemed to 1) up their spirits, and 2) wear them out.

Charlie's best friend and best girlfriend were both there -- and he found out that they are both in his class this year.  It is going to be a great year of 1st grade for Charlie (socially anyway - he may be too distracted for much academics).

Today I tried a different tactic.  I made plans to take them to the town pool where we plan to meet a bunch of friends (still Hot! Hot! Hot! here) and gave them warnings that we would NOT be going if their behavior is not acceptable.  I have only had to remind them, oh, 50 times, so far...=\

I am taking Anna to the ENT, though, and a babysitter is coming to watch Charlie and Paige - so I am going to get a break...from the fighting at least - I will still have Judy Attitudey (my new nickname for Anna) with me.  Man - she is becoming a screamer!

Hopefully tomorrow I will get to post about our fun trip to the pool!!


  1. OH I don't believe that about Anna! She's so well behaved!
    and HA!!! I only have one more day!!!

  2. glad to see you are having a fun filled summer!!!!

  3. I bet she's still cute even while she is screaming!!!