Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Our Visit with Emilia

We started off our recent vacation the best way possible...by visiting some very special friends. We stayed overnight in Boston on our way up to Maine, so it was possible that we were able to meet up with Miss Emilia Faith and Family!

What a blessing Emilia, Stephanie and family are! They were so welcoming and loving, and we felt right at home in their house.

Emilia is even cuter in person (if that is even possible). She is quite the mover and shaker, that one.

And, what a lucky girl to have such great siblings and parents! Anna seemed quite smitten with Andrew. And it appears he was enjoying Anna as well.

Anna had a great time practicing her walking with Peter, Sophia and Stephanie. I am considering ditching our PT and hiring them :)

Thanks, again, Stephanie and Peter, for welcoming us into your home. Your family is absolutely beautiful! Hopefully we can meet up again - and hopefully next time Landon and Kelly will be able to join us!!!


  1. Meeting bloggy friends is the best! So much cuteness!!!

  2. I agree with Cammie! We just had an IRL bloggy playdate last weekend, too. :-)

    Cute pics!

  3. So fun! I can't imagine Anna or Em being ANY cuter but I sure hope to meet both your families one day to find out! =)

  4. Look at what we missed!!! What a fun & exciting day you all had. If you come back our way again, make sure you let us know! Illness cannot keep us away twice!! These pics just warm my heart!! That's a whole lot of cuteness under one roof!!

  5. My turn to be jealous!!! I already whined on Emmie's blog. I can't believe how much bigger Anna looks in those pictures. Is Emmie as much of a hoot as she appears to be in all her pictures? I am thinking that I really need to do an East Coast trip once Ella finishes her treatment!!