Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Survival of the Fittest

Charlie has a little over a week before he starts back to school, and Paige just over 2 weeks.  So, right now we are in "survive each other until school starts" mode. 

Not such an easy task...especially on a rainy couple of days. 

So, instead of having a playdate today (just could not reward such poor behavior), I took the kids shopping for new sneakers for school.  I am not sure if this was more punishment for the kids, for me, or for the other patrons in the store.  I probably should have been embarrassed, but 1) my kids were not the only loud and obnoxious ones in the store, and 2) I was just not in the mood to care.

I was spared for at least part of the day yesterday because I had a babysitter watch Charlie and Paige while I took Anna for her hearing test. When I got home, they told me that Bear Bear (what they call their babysitter) was more fun than I am.  "Naturally," I said, "she is getting paid"  =)

The results of Anna's hearing screening were good and bad. Bad - she still has fluid in her ears that is affecting her hearing somewhat. Good - Despite the fluid, she hears pretty well, and once the fluid is gone, her hearing should be completely normal. So now, we just have to figure out how to get rid of that fluid (tubes?). We have an ENT follow-up appt. next Tuesday to discuss.

And what, oh what, shall we do tomorrow to entertain ourselves?  I already had to cancel tomorrow's playdate as well (just can't reward that poor behavior).  I think it is time to educate the kids on toilet bowl scrubbing.  =)

Just a Note:  I really do love my children - beyond measure.  I think we are just ready for the routine (and time apart, time with friends, etc.) of school to return so we can appreciate each other again.


  1. We totally understand, we had a wonderful summer but the last week was crazy. So much better now that we are back into the routine.

    Thankful that Anna's hearing isn't being impacted by the fluid, we are right there with you on that one. Hoping it takes care of itself and you don't have to do tubes.

  2. HAHA!!! are you sure my kids didn't sneak over???? We're under the same rain cloud and thinking alike. We went shoe shopping yesterday too. I was to exhausted to be as embarrassed as I probably should have been, LOL

    Today they all got haircuts. The sun better return soon!!!

  3. Amen...at first I felt guilty for feeling "ready" for school to start, but I got over it quickly! Hope you can figure out how to combat Anna's fluid soon!