Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tubes It Is

Today at the ENT we got the official "push" towards tubes for Anna. 

Basically he gave me two choices, 1) tubes, or 2) wait it out.  But, waiting it out could be a very long time, especially considering that children with Ds have teeny tiny ear canals to start with, and Anna seems to be extra tiny.

So, tubes it is -- ugh! Not that I am opposed to them - I am just opposed to having to put her through another procedure.  But, she does have mild hearing loss due to the fluid in her ears, so we think it is necessary. 

I am praying that these tubes will be the key to getting her started talking more.  She doesn't have any words yet, but does use a couple sounds, along with the sign, consistently.  She signs "again" and makes a "den" sound, and she signs "down" and makes a "dah" sound.  So, she gets the idea of communication - we just need to get her to hear all the sounds and hopefully start putting it all together.

I feel bad that we didn't have her ears checked sooner.  Who knows how long she has had this fluid and how much it has affected her development.  I just never thought to have them checked because I know she can hear, and she has had only one ear infection in over 2 years.  I am glad that her ST suggested having them checked just to rule out any hearing issues. (Ugh - the Mommy guilt we lay on ourselves)

Surgery date is scheduled for Friday, October 1. 

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  1. Oh I hope tubes gets you chattering away Anna Banana!