Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Woohoo! It is finally here!  The last day of all day fighting, bickering, whining, etc.  Charlie starts 1st grade tomorrow.

Boohoo?  Am I really kind of sad that he is going back tomorrow? --- Of course!  I am going to miss my little boy, no matter how much he and Paige are driving me nuts. 

No big plans for today - other than Chicken Parm for dinner (as requested by Charlie).  Maybe a trip to the pool because it is supposed to be Hot! Hot! Hot! for one more day. 

Going to go set my alarm clock now -- I am sure it is a little rusty after having the summer off! =)


  1. Seriously you have to set an alarm clock, I could loan you my two they make sure we are up daily at 7!
    Good luck Charlie, you will do great in 1st grade!

  2. Good luck tomorrow, Lori! The first day back always seems to go smoothly because everyone's on top of their game and doesn't want to be's the rest of the year that is challenging (at least for us!) Hope Charlie has a great first day :)

  3. I know you'll have a great day tomorrow. Both of you! :) (I like the new header pics!)