Thursday, September 2, 2010

...And He's Off! (First Day of the First Grade)

We've been counting down, and we made it! The first day of school has finally arrived!

Charlie was very excited.  He was up early and ready to go with plenty of time to spare =)

Wanting to avoid the crazy parking lot on the first day, we decided to walk to school. We avoided the traffic - but it was Hot! Hot! Hot! already this morning. I was a sweaty mess!

Charlie quickly found his class and his buddies.

And then, he was off...
 - Off to learn all kinds of new and exciting things from his teachers.
 - Off to learn all kinds of questionable, if not interesting, things from the other kids.
 - Off to make new friends.
 - Off to enjoy hanging out with old friends.
 - Off to be a big little boy.
 - Off to experience life without Mommy. =(

I can't wait to hear how his first day went!


  1. Hope it was a great day for Charlie and that you and the girls had some fun too!

  2. I bet Charlie had a great first day in First Grade! He sure looks excited!

  3. Hi Charlie. Glad you had a great day.