Thursday, September 9, 2010

Blog Catch-Up!

So much going on and so little time to blog =) 

Just a quick post to do some catching up.

- Jonathan's and my 8th Anniversary was on Tuesday.  He surprised me with tickets to go see Wicked on Broadway.  I knew I picked a good one (husband, not musical -- though the show was totally Wicked!)  =)  Love you, sweetie!  (and THANK YOU Kathleen and Joel for babysitting for us!!)

- Anna has a new PT -- yeah!  Anna's original PT moved away in May.  We were then assigned a new guy, who, despite being very nice, was not very effective in my book.   (I know -- look at all the great things she started doing this summer. But I think it was just her time, not the miracle workings of her PT.)  Anyway, as things worked out, we now have a new therapist who I really like, and who I think will be very good for Anna.

 - Charlie is off to a great start at school.  He really likes his teacher and his class.  But, most importantly (at least to me), he has a little boy with Down syndrome in his class!  (Some of you may remember my post from last fall.)  Anyway, when I saw his class list, I almost (ok, did) started crying. I am so excited for Charlie, and I am praying that he can be a good friend to Andrew. 

- Paige starts Pre-K tomorrow and my parents get into town tonight!! Woohoo!

- And finally - a few pics from our Labor Day weekend =)
A little Kan-Jam action

the boy is getting the hang of it

practicing our OT skills


  1. OOO so excited that Charlie has Andrew in his class. Charlie I am sure will be a huge friend and blessing to him.

  2. Wow, your husband is super nice and good looking too