Monday, September 13, 2010

Girls Can Change the World! (First Day of Pre-K)

Ok - so it was actually last Friday...but Paige is excited about being back in school with all her friends!

She was also thrilled that it was a little chilly on Friday so she could wear her "Girls Can Change the World" t-shirt.  She has been waiting for weeks to wear it - and to get to wear it on her first day of school -- oh the bliss! =)

Not a tear was shed as she sprinted up the stairs and burst into her classroom.  Paige had arrived, and she was making her presence known. 

Yep! She is definitely one girl who can change the world!


  1. Is your house blissfully quiet now with Charlie & Paige back to school? Hope you and Anna are having some great Mom & Anna time!

  2. Hey, there's nothing wrong with a little confidence in go, girl! Your kids are precious!!

  3. ha!! Love the shirt! And yes! Miss P can change the world with that beautiful spirit of hers!

    Everyone better look out!!!

  4. LOVE the shirt=) Nothing like back to school....especially when the kids are excited to be back!!! Hope the kiddos have a wonderful school year and that you & Anna have some fun "alone" time too!!