Monday, September 27, 2010

A Real Treat!

Yesterday afternoon, we had a real treat!

Not only did we get to snuggle with Bennett (Our Unexpected Journey) and enjoy the company his family, Adrienne, Mike, Ainsley and Harper, but we also got the chance to meet Colin (Love for Colin) and his family, Kelli and Chris!

As you would expect, there was cuteness overflowing from the Donovan's backyard. 

Colin was all smiles and on the move pretty much the whole time.  I am pretty sure that Kelli will either be investing in Tide, or darker colors in the future.  =)

Bennett was sweet as can be, but he had had enough attention for one weekend and was ready for a good long nap.

Bennett is ready for a nap and Anna is giving him a sympathy pout

But seriously, these two boys are such dolls!

Anna enjoyed some snuggle time after her nap. 

And, we don't dare leave out the Daddy's!! (Bennett is off in slumberland at this point)

Adrienne and Mike -- Thanks for having us over!!  We look forward to the next time we can get together!


  1. So fun, that backyard was filled with CUTENESS!

  2. I saw some of the pics on Adrienne's blog - too cute! And I know that bottom lip pout that Anna has only too well. Sammi used to do that when someone near her was crying, too. Looks like a fun day!

  3. AWW, looks like heaven!

    And btw, yes I make apple pies too!!! We picked 47 pounds of apples, there will be pies everywhere! Want one????

  4. I was literally smiling throughout this entire post. That first picture of the boys together was just too stinking cute!!! And then I love how you guys put Anna in the chair like she is the Princess. Of course I know that it was so that she wouldn't wander away during the picture :) And it was so nice to see a pics of the Daddy's. What a wonderful group of friends together....wish we were there :(

  5. Major cuteness!! So glad that you all had a wonderful time!