Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Soccer Saturday

It is Fall, and that means Football!! Or, as we Americans like to call it -- Soccer!

Soccer is pretty much the same as last year -- and just as entertaining  =)

They have 10 weeks of clinics: 30 minutes of drills, then 30 minutes of scrimmage.  It is just about right for 1st graders who have slightly longer attention spans than kindergartners, but still not ready for a full game.

Anyway - Charlie scored a goal this week during the scrimmage!!  He was very excited.  Here are a few action shots from the day.
I don't really know what this drill was - but it looked more like dancing than soccer =)

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  1. Looks great Charlie! You know we LOVE football in our house (Jason still calls American football...handball bc they never really use their feet!)