Monday, October 18, 2010

Been Busy

I got an email today from a fellow blogger who was checking on us to make sure that everything was okay.  (Apparently my posts were missed) 

I am happy to report that we are all doing well, and everyone is healthy.  We have just been busy.  But thank you for checking on us! It makes us feel loved =)

We have been busy around here with just plain ol' life.  School is in full gear.  After school activities and clubs are underway. We have soccer each Saturday. Various social engagements, and doctor and vet appointments fill any free hour. And, four regular therapies each week round out our schedule. 

On top of that, my husband has been super busy at work and on the go! go! go!.  Last week, he left on Monday (Oct.11) for India, and wasn't supposed to return until this coming Wednesday (Oct. 20).  Fortunately (for us, anyway), plans changed and he was able to cut his trip short and come back last Friday. It was a very long trip for only 2 days of work!  Then it was back up to Boston early this morning.  My hubby works HARD for his money!  Love you, Sweetie!

Tomorrow I am going to a free seminar called, "Navigating the IEP" (IEP = Individualized Education Plan).  In less than 6 months Anna will age out of Early Intervention and move into the school system for the next 18 years of her life.  I cannot believe that I will be sending her to school in April.  She is too little for school! 

And, on Saturday is our Buddy Walk!! The current forecast calls for SUN!!  It has poured the last two years, so the sun will be a very welcomed addition to the party this year!  Once again God has showered us with blessings. Anna's Banana Pants team has exceeded all expectations in fund raising and number of people walking.  It is sure to be a great day!

I am praying that Anna will cooperate and take a few steps at her Buddy Walk.  She can now walk all the way across our family room. (Granted, it is not that big of a room - but it takes her a good 10-11 steps to get there.)  She has been standing up in the middle of the floor with nothing to help her.  She doesn't move to walking from that position...yet.  And, she practically runs with her push toys.  I have been working with her walking while holding just one hand. She is a pro in the house, but refuses to do it outside.  She just plops her tiny hiney down and wants to take off crawling (little stinker!) --- But we are sooooo close!

And, that is about it.  Life -- it keeps us busy!


  1. So glad all is well just busy! =) Hope Anna does a few steps at least at the finish line.

    Good luck on the IEP seminar. Hope it gives you lots of good info.

  2. Glad to know everyone is okay! Yay for Anna making it across the family room all by herself. It is so liberating for us as the parent, imagine what it is like for them...
    Hope you all have a great time at your Buddy Walk. Make sure to take lots of pictures to share :)

  3. I have missed hearing about your beautiful family too! How exciting that Anna will get to officially walk in this years Buddy Walk!