Sunday, October 24, 2010

Buddy Walk 2010: She Did It!!!

Saturday was our Buddy Walk for the Down Syndrome Group of Northwest New Jersey (DSGNWNJ - yes, it is a mouthful!)   What a glorious day!!!!!  

After two years of pouring down rain, God blessed us with a picture perfect day. Sunshine and warmth was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

Signing "grass" while playing in the grass
The warm and sunny weather was not what made my heart soar, however. 

This year, Anna's Banana Pants team had 50 people walking!!  How incredible is that?!  God has blessed us with such a great family and so many wonderful and caring and supportive friends.  I am overwhelmed just looking at the group picture of our team.

And, as a team we raised over $2,500!!  Seriously folks, this is amazing, and truly the work of God.  I merely sent out a few emails to family and friends and they willingly and generously opened their hearts and wallets and gave. 

But, I think what had me floating the highest, was watching Miss Anna walking at her own Buddy Walk for the first time!  I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I was to see this.  I was choking back tears for a good part of it.  God does answer prayers because I have been praying so hard that Anna would be able to walk at her Buddy Walk this year...and watch her go!!

It may be a technicality that she is using a push toy...but that doesn't matter to us...She Did It!!!

Thank you so much for everyone who came out to walk with us, who donated to the Buddy Walk, who prayed for good weather and wished us well.  Words cannot express the gratitude we feel.

Here are a few (ha!) more pictures from the day.

Warming up in the pavilion

Our youngest walker - Baby Matthew

Anna and Miss Cindy (ST)

Look at all these kids who came out to walk!!  Notice, Anna was not interested in the picture - she wanted to walk!

Charlie and his classmates, Andrew and Payton


  1. Brought tears to my eyes to see her walking!! I'm so glad you had perfect weather too! What a blessing all around!!

  2. I am with Adrienne, tears came as soon as I saw her walking in her walk! Yeah Anna & yeah team Banana Pants.

  3. Me three!! I got teary as soon as I started watching the video too. I think she is the first of "our young blog friends" who I have seen walking in a buddy walk and I love it!! My heart just smiled through the whole video!!

  4. OMG! Anna you made me cry!!!!!!!! I knew you'd do it!!! So proud of you, here!!!!!!!
    Love and hugs!!

  5. That is so awesome!! Way to go Anna!! I bet you'll be running next year!!!

  6. Love, love the video of Anna walking :) She is a doll...Absolutely beautiful!

  7. Three cheers for Miss Anna!!! That's so awesome, Lori!!! Looks like it was a great day for many reasons. Loved looking at all your pics, too...thanks for sharing :)

  8. Thank you for making my night...tears of happiness for you all!

  9. So proud of you for walking in that Buddy Walk this weekend. Keep up the good work Anna! We're hoping to post Aubrey doing the same in a couple weeks. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Great pictures!
    I have to add, that you have WONDERFUL family and friends supporting you, I think, that maybe you need to go visit Reece's Rainbow because I can see at least 50 people right behind you helping you fundraising ;)

  11. Go Anna!!! and Go Russell Family!! you guys are all wonderful people!

  12. Wow, great job, Anna!! Such a beautiful girl, a beautiful day, and an astoundingly huge team!!

  13. The videos were amazing, Anna was amazing, it was like she was on a mission...she had somewhere to go and no one was going to stop her. I had the biggest smile on my face, so excited for you guys and for Anna.

  14. Look at the amazing group of people that you have in your lives.It truly does take a village to raise up a child.Anna is so darling.The videos,wonderful ... push toy or not,your beautiful girl is a walker!

  15. anna is doing so great. what a wonderful day filled with lots of love and support! i can't wait for our buddy walk next weekend.