Friday, October 1, 2010

October is Here!

October is one of those months that I love and hate all at the same time.

Why do I love it? 

It is Fall. The air is crisp. We make multiple trips to the farm.  Caramel Apples are one of my favorite treats. Halloween is so much fun. And, it is only one month until my birthday! =)

But mostly, since Anna was born, October has come to mean so much more to me...October is National Down Syndrome Awareness Month

If you are wondering why it looks like she doesn't have any hair -- it is all in a very cute ponytail with a big bow that you cannot see  =)
 This month is dedicated to educating the public about Down syndrome, and dispelling many misconceptions and incorrect assumptions about individuals with Down syndrome. It is also a chance for us to show our support for those that we know with Down syndrome, and to share our joy of being blessed by an individual with Down syndrome in our lives.

Many Buddy Walks take place in October. Ours is October 23. We are really looking forward to it!

Also, in honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Month, is, once again, collecting pictures of our little cuties and displaying them on their website. If you have a jewel with a little extra, click on this link to find out how to submit your picture.

So, what could I possibly hate about October? 

It is Fall.  The air is crisp and turning colder.  The last two years it has snowed in October -- a grim reminder that Winter is closing in.  And, I have to workout extra hard to keep from adding serious poundage from all the Halloween candy I keep putting into my shopping cart.  =\

Whether we like it or not, though, October is Here!


  1. OH Miss Anna!!!! I'm so in love with you!!! Love the pics!

    and how many times do you have to re-buy Halloween candy. i buy it and hide it, then start sneaking pieces here and there. I'm worse than the kids!

  2. OOO Anna just looking at your cute face makes me happy it's October and we can continue celebrating those designer genes.

  3. Anna is just sooooo cute!!! I have a love/hate with October too!

  4. Aaaawwww! She is getting SO big! Adorable!