Sunday, November 14, 2010

A BIG Week!

Paige has had a big week.  Scratch that...She has had a HUGE week!

I am always bragging about Anna's milestones (and there are a few more to come as soon as I can catch them on video), but this is Paige's turn in the spotlight.

Paige (4 1/2 yrs.) decided to tackle some major milestones this week, and I have to say that she is doing quite well, and I am quite proud of her =)

First, she decided that she was ready to learn to read.  I thought, "why not?", and broke out the Hooked on Phonics material that we used (with great success) with Charlie.

She has worked very hard, and is starting to get it.  Here is a video of her reading one of her first books.

It won't be long before we are no longer able to talk in "code" (what she calls when we spell words) with Paige around.

Then, Paige decided it was time to ditch the training wheels!  Woohoo!

She was a little nervous and scared at first; she didn't want to fall and get hurt.  But, we encouraged her to keep trying, and in no time she had it down.  Now she whizzes around the cul-de-sac (or corner sac as Paige likes to call it)!
Paige and Daddy taking off her training wheels...forever!!

Paige has also declared that she is going to stop sucking her thumb this week. We shall see!  But, it appears that when this little girl makes up her mind to do out, world!


  1. Wow, Paige, that's a lot for a little girl to accomplish in just one week! Way to go!!

  2. That is awesome!! I'm showing Ainsley this with the bike- she has tried to take the trainers off but gives up so easily! I bet if she sees Paige she will want to try it again!

    Very impressed with Paige's reading and riding!!!

  3. Go Paige!!!!!! next time you come to visit bring the bikes!!!
    and Paige can read to Emmie!!!