Tuesday, November 2, 2010

School Pictures 2010-2011

School pictures are in!

My handsome boy! (Going for the serious student look this year)

And my crazy beautiful girl! (Wish she would leave her hair alone before pictures!)

BTW - for those wondering...after our debate last year, I didn't even bother asking Jonathan about pictures this year - I just bought them.  =)


  1. Adorable, Charlie is practicing for Sr pics. Too handsome!

  2. I think we all know your husband isn't that bright...so I hope the kids got your smarts. But he must be good looking...I mean look at those gorgeous kids!!!!

  3. WOO HOO!!!!! School pictures!!!!! Is Jonathan doing the Happy Dance????

    As always the kids are looking great!!

  4. Great pictures! You do have gorgeous kids!