Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Last Ditch Plea...

After screaming her head off the last time she met Santa, Anna decided that she had better "make nice" before it was too late.

We were at the mall today, and not planning to visit with Santa, let alone take pictures. We were just going to wave from the sidelines. But, Anna was jumping out of her seat to go see him, so how could we resist?

Look at the joy on her face!

Too bad Mommy didn't think to comb her hair or dress her in jeans w/o grass stains on them.

Paige was also quite stoked to see the Big Man.  It was fun to see/hear her talking to him with the true belief that only a child can have.

We shall see if their efforts to kiss up to the Big Man has paid off.  I'm sure it has =)


  1. Kinda guessing that Santa will fulfill all your cuties wishes this year! Merry Christmas.

  2. OMGoodness what a great picture!! The best always happen when your not planning!

    Paige and Anna are so beautiful, sending them a big smooch!!

  3. Oh yeah, they got the "big guy" right where they want him!! Very cute pic=)

  4. That is so cute, with her little hands on her face. Love it!

  5. Oh that is just too cute for words!

  6. Aren;t you lucky!! Ella was scared to death of him last year, I can't even imagine what she would do this year. She was petrified of Mickey Mouse for heaven's sake!! Don't know if you saw my blog entry (What has Ella been up to since she got home) but Ella did open your gift and LOVES her Lady Bug Pillow Pet. Thanks for sending that and the PJ's. That was oh so kind of you!! So, when are you heading out this way????