Monday, December 6, 2010

Three Weeks Mashed into One Post

I have been busy (or so that is my excuse), so I am going to try to mash about three weeks worth of posts into one...

First, Anna went for her annual check-up with the Cardiologist just before Thanksgiving.  Basically, her status is "No Change" - which is a good thing.  Anna has a small coronary fistula (coronary artery dips back into one of the chambers), but the Dr. sees no reason the be concerned.  At this point, we monitor once per year and take antibiotics for dental work.  That we can handle!

Anna had a follow-up with her pediatric ophthalmologist today.  Her eye looks good -- or good enough, at least.  There is still a little tearing in the right eye, but nothing like it used to be when we had to use a warm washcloth each morning just to get the eye open from all the gunk.  A vast improvement that we will take!  I am hoping that this silly issue finally behind us

And the fun thing we have going on -- Anna and I just started Kindermusik!  We go on Wednesday mornings.  The girl loves her music, and now that she is vertical, I think she is going to love dancing as well! =)  Look for more posts, and hopefully some pictures,  on this topic. =)

Did I mention we got a new computer?  It has a built in camera, and Anna loves to sit on our laps and watch herself on the computer screen.  Here is a cute little video Anna and her Daddy made one night while the Bigs and I were out.

We were supposed to be going for a fitting for new orthotics this week, but they called us to tell us that our insurance only covers new orthotics once every three years?!  An okay rule for someone over 18... but a 2-yr. old?  They said all we need is a note from our doctor stating that she needs new orthotics because she has outgrown her old ones (ya' think?  She has gone from a size 4 last January to a 7 now).  Just a minor bump in the road, but I was really hoping to get them in under this year's already met deductible.  No such luck.

We have Anna's 6-month IFSP on Thursday...Her final IFSP before she starts pre-school in April.  Also on Thursday we have our first transition planning meeting with our service coordinator and a representative from the local school district.  I am not anticipating any issues, but am nervous, none-the-less.  I can't believe Anna is less than 6 months away from going to pre-school!

And so go the days of our lives...Crazy Wonderful!! =)


  1. Love the video! And wow her feet have grown that much? Alayna's feet haven't grown that much since birth, I don't think we will need new sure steps for 6 years. LOL
    Love the Thanksgiving pic that is awesome. Oh and Yeah on Kindermusik, great program.

  2. OMGoodness that video is the cutest!!!!!

    please post how your meeting went for school as we are hot on your heels. Only six months behind, and Miss em will be in the hands of the public school system. I really have too much anxiety about this!