Monday, January 17, 2011

Go Into the Kitchen and Take a Peek...

Anna is really loving Kindermusik!  And, she is so cute doing it. =)

Ok, she is all over the place a good portion of the time, and she shakes her eggs when they are supposed to be quiet, but she is starting to "get it", and starting to participate with all the other kids.

Her two favorite songs are "Shakin', Shakin'" and "Go Into the Kitchen". (We are doing the Milk and Cookies curriculum for anyone familiar with Kindermusik).  I have tried my best to get videos of her "dancing", but she is a hard one to catch.  She sees the camera come out and the show is immediately over.  Also, she is looking at me for what she is supposed to be doing, so I am trying to video while dancing and (ahem!) singing.

I almost can't stand the cuteness =)

Paige also loves Kindermusik (as if that wasn't apparent from the video - ha!).  We used to go when she was Anna's age.  She was thrilled last week when Anna's class was rescheduled due to snow, meaning she got to go too!  She was the "big girl"in the class, and got to show all the little tikes how to do it.

Here is Paige showing the little kids how to take a peek....

...and here is Anna =)

Such fun!


  1. OMG, Lori, that is too cute! Megs loves music and dancing, too, in fact they seem to have some of the same moves! I'm going to have to look into Kindermusik!!

  2. omgoodness, i just about died at the peeking part. I don't think Anna could possibly get any cuter. And Paige has just perfected the whole dance!
    Wait til Em sees this video!

  3. Alayna was sitting here watching with me saying more, more, more. That was adorable!

  4. That was 2 minutes and 49 seconds of pure cuteness!!

    I have no idea why you are not on my blogroll anymore ... I think when I redid it recently,I missed keeping a few of the little darlings out there.So sorry.. I have added it back and boy am I glad because when I see little loves like Anna,I just see the hope and possibilities before Zoey.I have to keep the faith that Zoey will one day find her voice and her walking legs ... and dance and move just like the Anna's of this world!

    Zoey adores music ... I need to get her into a music program of some kind.she loves Tuesdays at school when the music teacher comes in.Our church is beginning a cherub music class so that might be a start1

  5. Oh I just LOVED this video!! :) Anna looks so adorable :)

  6. anna is such a cutie!! my maggie also LOVES music! can't wait till she can dance like miss anna...right now she sits and bounces or sways side to side :)

  7. Just catching up on our blog! Love the videos of the Kindermusik and the pictures in the snow! Anna is getting so big and her hair is so long!!!