Thursday, January 6, 2011

Increased Security

Anna has made it imperative that we increase security around the house.

Every door must be shut...especially to the bathroom.  She has found a strong fondness for the toilet...and not for going potty.

And even if the door is shut, there may be a need for even tighter measures.  The door to our pantry is the only one with a lever handle instead of a knob...thank goodness!

Making a sandwich. First I need the bread...

But, the other day, I caught her sitting in a pile of spilled crackers enjoying a little snack.  I had to put an end to that.

She has at least tried to put some of her mischievousness to good use. Now that she can reach the silverware, she likes to take it out and put it on the table.  It almost looks like she is trying to set the table for lunch. =)

At least the Christmas decorations have been put away.  I can breathe a little easier without her taking the ornaments off the tree every chance she got.


  1. she is getting so big, and her hair so long! Love the ponytail!

    Today I thought I was losing my mind, because my camera disappeared. I walked away for a minute and it was gone. Took me a while of frantically searching for it to put two and two together and come up with Emmie! She took it and tossed it under the table! OH the joy of them being able to reach things!!
    BTW, we have some snow coming this weekend!!

  2. She is just adorable! Emily isn't walking yet so anything high is still far beyond her reach...but I am guessing as soon as she can walk she will be into EVERYTHING!

  3. Oh, you sweet pickle. Is it just me or does she look like she's getting taller? Especially that pantry shot...I think that girl is growing!

  4. She likes to take things out... but does she like to put them back in again?! :)