Thursday, February 3, 2011

After Hours Party

Anna's current bedtime ritual...

1. Insist with flailing arms, grunting and pointing (and screaming if I don't comply soon enough) that I play the music the comes from the heart.  Tune: "You are my Sunshine"

2. After I turn off the lights and close the door, the "After Hours Party" begins.

3  I return to her room to see what all the ruckus is only to find Anna stripped down and giggling her little head off.  Praise the Lord she leaves her diaper ON!

4. I redress her.

5. Repeat steps 1-4 until she tires herself out or until I decide that she can just freeze that night (it gets cold in her room!)

6.  Final check on my sweet angel, dress her again, a quick squeeze and sleep tight.

I know, I should probably buy her some new pj's that don't zipper and she would stay dressed all night...but the whole scene is actually pretty funny.  That is, until the diaper starts coming off -- then I will be investing in duck tape!


  1. It's hard to get mad at someone so cute! Not to mention the fine motor skills she is using to get herself's scary how I justify certain things when it comes to skill these days! After hours parties are fine, as long as "last call" is 9 pm...

  2. Cute, yeah for fine motor skills.

  3. Oh how stinkin' cute. The other day Andrew was asking about Miss Anna. He asked me to.. "go and get her mommy, I miss her". If we weren't snowed in at the time i just might have!!!

  4. Emily sleeps in exactly the same position shown in the last picture just about every night, not sure how her knee doesn't hurt!

  5. Thank goodness the diapers do stay on. We had to tape Brooke'e diapers and PJs backwards. Could she get a small safety pin undone if you pinned the zipper? Lindsey likes to sleep in the same position as #5 step. I have to put her legs out straight before I go to bed. Can't be comfortable. Such a sleeping angel.