Friday, February 11, 2011


Paige had her first dance class this week.

I am pretty sure that Paige is blessed with about as much grace and style as her mother, which is very little - and I have the scars on my chin from tripping over the free-throw while running down the basketball court to prove it.  But, I am quite certain that she is having a ball! =)

So, when Paige was getting dressed for dance, she asked if I would give her "exercise hair".  I found out "exercise hair" is a pony tail with a headband -- like how I fix my hair when I am going to workout.

Well, the headband wasn't going to stay on Paige's head, so she then asked for "dance hair".  Not knowing what that was, I gave her some little piggie buns.  She was quite thrilled with the results.

Crazy kid! =)

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