Friday, February 18, 2011

Smiles From Ear to Ear

In case you did not see Paige today (because if you had, she most certainly would have told you herself,  even if she had never met you before)...Paige got her ears pierced today! =)

Now, I have been wanting Paige to get her ears pierced for a couple of years now (no reason other than I think earrings are cute and fun), but she has always refused, arguing that it would hurt.   But, over the past couple of weeks, a few of her friends have gotten their ears pierced. So, I encouraged Paige to ask them if it hurt.  (Why trust your Mom, right?)

Finally, she agreed that she wanted them pierced, and actually has been asking when we were going to get it done.

So, today we took her to the mall under the guise of looking for a new dishwasher (ours broke -- grrrrrr).  We were wandering through the mall and stopped by the Piercing Pagoda and asked her what she thought.  You could see the excitement about to bubble right out of her.

We picked out the earrings she wanted (cute little white gold hearts) and got all the paperwork signed.  There was a moment of hesitation because there was only one worker at the time...meaning she would have to do one ear at a time as opposed to doing both at the same time.  I was nervous that we were going to be walking out of there with only one earring.

But, Paige said she would be brave, and she was!  Here is a video of how it went down.

All Smiles from Ear to Ear!!!


  1. She is adorable!! I can't believe she barely even flinched! "This is not gonna hurt?" Is what I think she said, lol, so cute! Yay Paige!

  2. I'm crying! I am such an idiot.

    Paige you look movie star beautiful with your new pierced ears! And you were so brave!

    I'm thinking I'm missing you all!

  3. So adorable. WOW you are one tough cookie Paige! Great job.

  4. Beautiful little pierced ears. What a big girl!!

  5. Your new earrings ROCK, Paige! What a brave little girl you didn't even phase her! I think I was in 2nd grade and bawled my eyes out, after making my own mother get hers pierced first!