Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March! March! March!

Anna finally has her new orthotics.

She has pretty much been without them since Thanksgiving because her old ones were just way too small.   Her old orthotics fit a size 4 shoe.  Her new ones -  a size 8!  Anna has done just a little growing over the past year. =)   Then, we had to go through a lot of red tape with the insurance company, had weather delays and scheduling conflicts in making the appointments, but...we have them now!

Since she has been without orthotics for so long, and has basically never walked in them considering she didn't really start walking until around Thanksgiving, she was not a happy camper when I first put them on.  In fact, I don't think she walked for the first two days...just crawled.

She has gotten used to them now (fortunately!).  They really make a difference in the way she walks.  They force her to lift her knees more and be more deliberate about her stepping.

In PT, we have been working on marching and stepping over obstacles.  In the video below, you can see that Charlie and Paige wanted to get in on the act as well.  They got out my metal measuring cups and spoons and had a little parade =)

And, once again, we went with the Converse All-stars because  1) they are really cute, and 2) they open up nice and wide to be able to get the orthotics into them.  I might have to get her a pair in every color !


  1. Size 8 are you kidding me? Alayna can still wear her size 3 shoes without her suresteps and size 4 or 5 with them LOL!
    Super great marching Anna, of course you have great role models!!!

  2. Great job Anna...now you just need to step over the sliding glass door track at Grammy's :) Keep it up! (oh yeah...great work Charlie and Paige).

  3. Awesome job Anna!! She is walking so nicely now! Love those shoes!

  4. Fantastic!!! And I love the shoes. I could never get those for Samantha because her little feet are so chubby and I couldn't get them to fit into the toe of the shoe. LOL Loved the video!

  5. My son just got his first set of orthotics today. He only had them on for few mins in PT, but I swear that he already looks a little more stable. Definitely going to be getting some Converses too. Too cute. :)

  6. That's way too cute! Older siblings are such great role models and sometimes they don't even realize it! Love the new "kicks"...Megs has the same ones :)

    Great job, Anna!!