Thursday, March 24, 2011

Potty Time?

So, the other day, Anna came to me, signed "potty", and then grabbed my hand and led me to the bathroom.

She obviously wanted to go potty, so I took off her diaper and set her on the toilet with the little potty seat.

She sat there for a bit, and then signed "book".

So I went and got a couple of books, including her current favorite, "The Little White Duck".

I started to read, and it wasn't long before she signed "potty" again, and then signed "stinky".

Ok - "Stinky" isn't really a sign, but when I change her "stinky" diaper, I always pinch my nose and shake my head and say, "Stinky!"  So, that has become her sign for going number 2.  The funny part is that Anna's "stinky" sign looks a whole lot like her sign for "flower". =)

Anyway, after she signed "stinky"and "potty", she went!!!

Then she signed "all done" and asked to get down.

Seriously?!  I couldn't believe it.  Until, it happened again the next day!

I really had no idea that Anna could do this, and I am pretty good about knowing what Anna can and cannot do (yet).  I was completely flabbergasted that 1) she clearly communicated via sign language what she wanted, and 2) that she knew what to do (including the book - ha!) once she was on the potty.

So, is it potty training time?  I think it might be.

Anna definitely knows when she is going "stinky" and can communicate it, but she doesn't seem to know (or care) when she is peeing.  We will have to work on that.

I am not one to force potty training.  I prefer to wait for the child's lead.  Ok, take that back..I pretty much forced Charlie - or bribed him is more accurate.  He was a late trainee, but he mastered it within 2-days once he decided to do it.  Paige, on the other hand, had a fascination with the potty early on, so we just went with it.  It took her a little longer, but she was trained much earlier.

Anna may be ready, but I am not sure I am.  Anyone who has potty trained a child knows what a humbling (and tiring, and frustrating, and messy) experience it can be.  But the reward is soooo great - right?

Anyway, stay tuned for more possible adventures in potty training coming soon!


  1. Oh she is ABSOLUTELY ready!!! YEAH Anna way to go. Besides her legs are so doggone long that she can actually bend her legs on the potty =) Alayna is still straight legged because she is so short but, we have no accidents here and go all day in panties and have done since Christmas.

  2. AWESOME!!! That is all I can say!! I haven't even begun with Ella but primarily because of all of the hanging wires that she has had that would literally just hang in the potty. We should be getting her G-tube changed to the button in the next couple of weeks and I plan to start trying at that point. She has started grabbing the front of her diaper and saying pee pee though...but I am not sure if she is going at that moment or not. Way to go Anna!!!


  4. Fantastic!!! That's amazing - go with it, Lori! Samantha will go on the potty almost all the time (other than when she's sleeping), but just doesn't tell us she has to go very often. :-( She kind of relies on us telling her okay, it's time to go potty. Ugh, so frustrating. Sounds like Anna has one of the most important steps all wrapped up!!

  5. Wonderful!!! Addy's so tiny she's still on a little potty chair. She does really well but doesn't ever communicate it to us. Hopefully this summer!

  6. Yay for Anna. I really hope Emily gets the hang of the potty thing as early as Anna has!

  7. Holy pun intended! How awesome is that! I know what a pain potty training is, but sounds like she is ready. Wish you guys lived closer so Anna could teach Megs a thing or two! Way to go, Anna!!!!

  8. Amazing Anna strikes again!!!
    Emmie is not working with me AT ALL!!! or maybe it's me...

    I really dislike potty training!